I am an ANASA Donor

You can join the ANASA family of friends by contributing to the realization of its goals through your annual subscription, worth €50 to the following account. Your offer, if you wish, will be recognized on the ANASA website by the appearance of your name and if you give your consent, which you can revoke at any time.


    [text your-profession placeholdereg Private employee"]

    I have been informed about ANASA, I have read the terms of use of this website, the policy for the protection of my personal data which I voluntarily provided for my registration with BREATH DONORS, the policy for the use of cookies and I consent to the sending.

    ΣDo you consent to the publication of your name or, if you are a legal entity, of your brand on the website www.anasa.com.gr as a BREATH DONOR, which you can revoke at any time by sending an email to: [email protected];

    I consent to the posting of my name





    After filing, please contact ANASA on 210 9234904 so that we can register your details in the “Friends of ANASA” network and send you the relevant document with our thank you letter.