Who we are


ANASA (Greek word for breath) is the first non-profit Greek corporation founded with the aim to prevent the development of eating disorders and to inform and support the individuals suffering from these conditions. The project was started by the initiative of the Greek actress Zeta Douka, who is herself a former patient of an eating disorder, and supported by a specialized team of scientists and health care professionals.

ANASA aims to:

  • Inform and make the public aware of the problem and its dimensions
  • Offer full information, guidance and support services to those who suffer from eating disorders
  • Design and launch prevention programs for the general public
  • Inform and support the families and social environment (teachers, friends, etc) of patients
  • Support research programs in Greece
  • Developed specialist treatment and support services

ANASA takes the first step by giving to patients and to those close to them the opportunity to acknowledge and accept eating disorders, as well as to stop feeling guilty about these conditions. Above all, though, ANASA brings a message of hope and support to the effort made in our country to deal with the problem. So, let us all be there. Let us give a breath of air to this great effort.